New Release 20150131-4082e9d8

We are happy to make a new release today. Get it from github and let us know what you think. New features in this release are:

  • MWRate mode - a flight control mode very similar to that from MultiWii that allows extremely aggressive flying while being totally locked in
  • Improved behavior of altitude hold for takeoff and landing. Arming allowed in AH mode. It is now possible to have entire flights in Altitude Hold mode.
  • MWRate settings import from BaseFlight/CleanFlight. No need to retune when switching over.
  • DSM Resolution autodetection. Simplifies input configuration.
  • Removed feedforward from GCS. This is stage one of deprecating this feature which should not be used with modern ESCs.
  • Flight logging to flash support. Used for creating “black box” logs while flying.
  • Spektrum binding fix. This requires an updated boot loader and will not work on ports that support SBUS on F4 platforms (because of the inverter).