New Release 20141026-1f8fa2fe

We are happy to make a new release today. Get it from github and let us know what you think. New features in this release are:

Here is a new release of Tau Labs software and firmware. This brings a large number of improvements and additions since our last release in April. For a complete log, see the commit history. Just a few highlights are

  • Team Black Sheep Gemini support. This runs a tiny little flight controller called Colibri, a derivative of Quanton, and provides an exciting ready to fly target for FPV and racing.
  • Improved autotuning algorithm. Now all the parameters of your control loop, including the derivative and the cutoff for the low pass filter are optimized. Two sliders provide easy control from smooth to aggressive tuning. Also easily share your settings to the forums for others. Video
  • ESC calibration wizard
  • FrSky SmartPort support
  • PicoC programming and debugging gadget. Easily write snippets of code that run on your flight controller (F4 targets only) and allow extending the functionality.
  • Session Management - only see the UAVO objects available on your flight controller, faster telemetry reconnects
  • Telemetry Manager improvements with confirmation that settings are stored and saved
  • Updated Uploader which allows backing up or overwriting the partitions in your flash. Create a complete snapshot of your UAV settings and firmware.
  • Updated GCS configuration screen. Get the Telemetry Scheduler and others by default.
  • Large internal overhaul of the RTOS API to allow upgrading to ChiBiOS